Below are links to websites that can be used to support classroom instruction & skills. I will continue to update as we move throughout the year and units of study. Please feel free to share any websites you find helpful and I will share them with the class! 


General Websites (not specific to any one subject area): 

SOL Review Links 

  • Jefferson Lab - S.O.L released items for practice  (choose MATH 4)
  • SOL Pass : Content Specific Activities and Study Materials ** You must LOG IN to access all materials!** to LOGIN choose: Alvey, J.W. ES //Password: alvey
  • Mr. Ankers - practice tests 


  • VA Trekkers: Explore the 5 regions of Virginia. Study activities included!
  • Interactive Weather Map: Make your own weather map using manipulative weather symbols and tools.  These maps are PRINTABLE but CANNOT BE SAVED!
  • Chicago Museum of Science - SIMPLE MACHINES: Game - use simple machines to help Twitch complete his mission! 
  • Weebly - SIMPLE MACHINES: Games and interactive activities that reinforce the vocabulary and build understanding of simple machines.
  •  Brain Pop - Study friendly, animated, educational video clips and activities! ** to LOGIN username: alvey // password: sunrays
  •  Science Trek - Simple Machines Video: Review examples of simple machines in everyday life. 
  •  Tree Identification Guide - A guide to identifying trees using their location, leaves, cones, bark, etc. 
  • Ducksters - EROSION - Research links to various types of erosion on Earth. 
  • All About Severe Weather - information and activities to simulate severe weather phenomena. 

VA Studies



  • Benchmark Universe:  Reading Textbook ONLINE - Test Taking Website, etc.
  • Tumble Books Library: Free online books with read-aloud feature.  Builds fluency!
  • AR Book Finder: Look up AR book levels and find a "good fit" book.  *NOT A TEST TAKING WEBSITE*
  • AR Test Taking Website: This account is accessible from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. MONDAY - FRIDAY.  It can be used at home on days when school is not in session (i.e. snow days, teacher work days, etc.) but does not work "after hours" per our subscription.