Important Updates to Zoom

Starting Monday, October 5, Single Sign On (SSO) will be required by all staff and students using PWCS Zoom, for enhanced security.  The authentication challenges at K-2 level have been resolved. This final SSO phase eliminates non-PWCS accounts from obtaining access to Zoom classes, reducing the risk of "Zoom-bombing". If you are using a meeting ID and password, they will no longer work; you must join Zoom from the links in Canvas.  

Please find attached detailed directions for joining a Zoom meeting using an PWCS authenticated Zoom account.

Joining a Zoom Meeting with a PWCS Authenticated Account

Video Directions for Joining a Zoom Meeting with a PWCS Authenticated Account

In addition, Zoom came out with an updated version last week.  Families are highly encouraged to update.  The current version is 5.3.1.  Please find directions for updating attached below.

Updating Zoom to Version 5.3.1

Video Directions for Updating Zoom

In order to test to make sure your child's account is authenticated and will be able to connect to class on Tuesday, we are offering Zoom test on Monday, October 5 at 4:30-6:00 pm.  Simply click on the Zoom test link and see if you can connect using your child's account.  This is especially important for our K-2 students who previously did not have to authenticate to connect to class.