Kindergarten Students on the Bus


Kindergarten students must be accompanied to and from bus stops by a parent, guardian, or other designated individual. All kindergarten parents/guardians must complete a Kindergarten Authorization Form, and return the completed form to their child's school.  

Kindergarten students will only be released to authorized person(s) listed on the kindergarten authorization form with a valid government/state ID to present to the bus driver. They will be returned to the school if there is no authorized person at the bus stop or the designee does not have a valid government/state ID. 

Siblings who do not attend the same school must be at least 12 years old with school/government ID to take custody of a kindergarten student at the bus stop. No change of custody is required if an older sibling is riding the bus with a kindergartner unless the parent has indicated otherwise.  

Consider downloading the "Here Comes the Bus" app to receive real-time map locations of your child's bus, as well as push-notifications when the bus gets close. You can sign up from your My PWCS mobile app or by visiting Transportation Services