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Update for April 13-June 12

Office hours will be on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00. Zoom class meetings will be Wednesdays at 1:00pm. I will be available at that time for any questions or concerns from my families via email at
Be on the lookout for the Weekly Choice Boards to be posted on Sunday evenings to the Fifth Grade Home Learning Resource Page. :)

Hello parents and students!  

April 13- I will be updating my Files and Documents, as well as the Useful Links portion of this web page with activities for you to check out in the coming weeks. All material will be for review. Be sure to check back regularly for more information and check your email for more news. Until then, stay healthy and safe! Miss you all! :) ~ Mrs. Snyder


Welcome to fifth grade!  It will be a fantastic year of learning as I am excited to be doing a NEW theme (
Read the Movie). It promises to be a fantastic year! Get ready to begin learning on August 26, 2019! 

Back to School Night
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Back To School Night is September 25, 2019 from 7:00-8:00!!  I hope everyone is able to attend.  

Social Studies

This year, Social Studies will be taught by Mrs. Ganow,  If you have any questions, you can contact her at this address. 
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Living Organisms
[Living Organisms]
Important parts of Cells:
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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 26, no eventsJuly 27, no eventsJuly 28, no eventsJuly 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no events
August 02, no eventsAugust 03, no eventsAugust 04, no eventsAugust 05, no eventsAugust 06, no eventsAugust 07, no eventsAugust 08, no events
August 09, no eventsAugust 10, no eventsAugust 11, no events121314August 15, no events
August 16, no events1718192021August 22, no events
August 23, no events2425262728August 29, no events
August 30, no events311234September 05, no events

Daily Schedule

 8:00  8:25  Morning Work
 8:25  9:25  Daily 5/Writing
 9:25  10:05  Science
 10:05  10:50  Specials
 10:55  11:40  CORE
 11:40  12:00  Recess
 12:00  12:40  Social Studies
 12:44  1:14  Lunch
 1:14  1:30   Extra Recess
 1:30-  2:40  Math


Specials Schedule 10:05-10:50

 Day 1  Library/Leadership
 Day 2  Music
 Day 3  P.E.
 Day 4 Art
 Day 5  Music
 Day 6   P.E.
 Day 7   Library/Leadership
 Day 8   Art
 Day 9   Music
 Day 10  P.E.
 Day 11  Art
 Day 12  P.E