Week of June 8-15

Our final week before summer break is here!

I hoped you enjoyed last week's book, 
 Amazing Grace  

This week we're going to be working with another of
my favorite books - The Other Side

Even if you've worked with this book before, click on
Files and Documents and search for the June 8
file to see the Power Point. 

It's got lots of thinking questions, some ideas for
writing and an interview with the author -
Jacqueline Woodson.


I hope you have a wonderful summer and do lots of
reading and thinking.  Notice how an author helps 
you understand new ideas and new words.  

Remember, if you're not thinking by making
connections, wondering and asking
questions while you read - it's fake reading.

Please continue reading at least 20-30
minutes each day.

My office hours are Thursdays from 9-10.  
Please feel free to email me with any questions 
you have or to let me know if you need to speak 
to me.


Mrs. Showatian
Mrs. Showkatian

The best way to become a great reader is to READ!
The best way to become a great writer is to WRITE!
The best way to become a great thinker is to THINK!


BookFlix -- Login

login: alvey     password: flix
BOOKFLIX is an educational site where you can read and/or listen to
loads of different books. 
There are also games and puzzles to play to practice vocabulary,
understand the book better (sequencing for example),
learn more about the author, and go to more online sites with
activities connected to the book.

Bring Story Time Home With Storyline Online | Daniel Boone ...

Storyline Online is a wonderful website where you can hear actors
read a variety of books. 

New York Times
This New York Times link gives you different
photographs to look at.
A new one is posted each Monday. 
You can write in your journal about what you see,
what you think and what you wonder about the
picture.  You can also write online and later go
back and see what other students around the
country have written. 
How are their thoughts similar or different from
You can explore this site to see daily writing prompts
using pictures. 
Use your imagination to respond! 
Form an opinion or practice persuasion


Lets Keep Reading | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Let's Keep Reading! This Google document
gives you links to different authors reading their
books live at specific times throughout the week. 
You can watch as a family and discuss the book

National Gallery of Art - YouTube
National Gallery of Art for Kids! 
NGAkids for iPad is available for download on the
App Store.
This iOS app contains nine new interactive activities
and an array of art-making tools that will inspire
artists of all ages.
Have fun during your quiet time creating and
then sharing aloud with your family what you have

TumbleBooks | Marathon County Public Library (MCPL)
Visit Tumblebooks on the Alvey Library page! 
It's got loads of fun books to read and listen to. 
Click on "Book Report" and you can write a short
book report on one of the books and then print it. 
Read your book report aloud to your family.

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