Parent Advisory Council

J. W. Alvey Advisory Council

You are invited to join the Advisory Council at any time. The Advisory Council's decisions influence much of what happens at your school. This volunteer body made up of staff and parents provides input on the school budget, helps formulate the Annual School Plan, and solicits your opinions on the yearly school survey. Through the parent survey, you get a chance to be involved in this decision making process.

Alvey has a parent/teacher school advisory council that provides input to the principal on school continuous improvement and budget spending. This is a goal for our school improvement plan to increase participation.

  • All parents/teachers are welcome to participate and contribute to this committee.

  • Provide ideas and interests to EAC Committee Chair at least one week prior to monthlymeetings. Must follow advisory council By-Laws.

  • Meetings will be held via Zoom at 6:00pm on the follow dates:

September 5
November 7
January 2
March 5
May 7


Advisory Council By-laws


The Advisory Council shall evaluate the data, set priorities and provide input in the development of the school plan and the school budget. The Advisory Council shall also monitor the school plan and the school budget. The Council members shall act as representatives of the entire school community.


Membership will consist of 20 to 25 members, selected from parents, teachers, classified staff and administration. The principal and vice-principal shall be members of the Council.


Solicitation of new members will begin in April and the selection of new members will be made in May of each year. Council members will be selected from volunteers. If there are more volunteers than positions available, members will be appointed by the existing Council. Selections will be made by the Council's decision-making process.


Members shall serve two-year staggered terms, commencing in June and ending in May. Members may serve consecutive terms if there are no other new volunteers. If a member misses two consecutive meetings or a total of three meetings during the academic year, the member may be asked to resign. In addition, a member may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the chairperson. Vacancies during the academic year will be filled by appointment of the council.


The officers of the Council shall be a Chairperson, a Vice-chairperson and a Secretary. The Chairperson shall be a parent of a J. W. Alvey Elementary School student. The Vice-chairperson and Secretary may be any member of the council. Officers shall be selected by election (majority vote) of the Council members for a one year term. Officers may serve more than one term. The Chairperson shall be elected in June by the newly appointed council. The Vice-chairperson and Secretary shall be elected in September.

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